Live: Clown Smash Everything and friends

Clown Smash Everything's return is a much needed blast (Picture: Niki Jones Photography)

Waterfront Studio, Norwich, October 14, 2021

by Lenore

Tonight brings a brash, frenetic and frankly angry bunch of bands to the Waterfront Studio, which is welcome after the year most people have had. People with nothing to say have no place on this bill.

Arriving too late to catch Vast Slug, but being reliably informed that they were “an experience”, Glitchers are on stage and flinging themselves about.

An unashamedly political two-piece who usually play busker-style on the street, it’s clear to see these two don’t like to be restricted, despite one of them being on drums.

Does-what-it-says-on-the-tin track Fuck the Tories is a little on the nose, prompting one staff member to suggest a guitar tune-up is in order instead.

But with Glitchers, the energy and frustration behind their message is what carries the song and that makes it almost impossible not to get carried away with them.

Clown Smash Everything at the Waterfront Studio (Picture: Niki Jones Photography)

Settlements are more sedate (trickier to jump about with four on the stage, tied to mics) and, despite looking like fresh faced young ‘uns, their sound is mature. Touches of Stone Temple Pilots, Foo Fighters and emo in its Jade Tree heyday make them a surprising listen. Shouldn’t judge a book…

Finally, Clown Smash Everything take to the stage. Being local chaps, and this gig having been rescheduled due to the bad times, everyone is looking forward to some cathartic, angry noise. The four-piece don’t disappoint, with Gav Thomas’s screaming vocals always a surprise from this mild mannered chap.

New song Animal Feeder Too is a belter, as is favourite Rebecca’s Angry.

Clown Smash Everything: the four-piece don’t disappoint (Picture: Niki Jones Photography)

Towards the end of the gig, the excitement of hearing live, local music again combined with numerous beers makes everything a little fuzzy…

But afterwards, Clown guitarist Jay Freeman is literally vibrating, such is his joy at playing live in front of people again.

It’s been a much needed blast through the ears for everyone.

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