Preview: Blancmange

Neil Arthur, of Blancmange (Picture: Helen Kincaid)
Neil Arthur, of Blancmange (Picture: Helen Kincaid)

by Adam Aiken

Synth-pop heroes Blancmange will be in Diss this autumn as part of a tour to promote new record Private View.

The band – which nowadays consists of founder member Neil Arthur with help from a team of session musicians – will be at The Corn Hall on Thursday, November 17.

Since reforming Blancmange in 2011, Arthur has put out 10 albums in a decade.

Neil Arthur is heading to Diss (Picture: Helen Kincaid)
Neil Arthur is heading to Diss (Picture: Helen Kincaid)

“I don’t know whether I’m on a roll but I feel something in me has been released,” he said.

“I used to hold back and I didn’t trust myself. While I’m still full of self-doubt I’m now quite comfortable with it.

“This is it. We’ve only got one time around the block, so make the most of it.”

Blancmange, who were formed in 1979, were an experimental act in their early days, using tape loops and kitchen utensils, but they quickly became a chart-topping electro-pop act, with hits including Living On The Ceiling, Don’t Tell Me and Blind Vision.

Arthur reckons he’s still reinventing himself today.

“A lot of people are frightened of the future and are quite happy to have a repeat of something that was done before,” he said.

Blancmange will be appearing at Diss Corn Hall (Picture: Helen Kincaid)
Blancmange will be appearing at Diss Corn Hall (Picture: Helen Kincaid)

“But it’s just not for me. Looking forward, you’ve got a hell of a world to try to navigate through at the moment. We’re all moving forward – so we’ve got to try and find some answers.

“I’m really lucky to be able to make the music completely on my own terms.”

Blancmange will be supported on their Diss date by Rodney Cromwell.

Click here for tickets.

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