Preview: Decapitated

by Adam Aiken

Decapitated will be playing their classic second album in full when they rock Norwich next month.

The death-metal veterans will be at The Waterfront on Tuesday, December 12, with support from Obscura, Inferi and Materia.

The Polish band will be performing the entirety of 2002’s Nihility as well as songs from last year’s Cancer Culture, which was their eighth album, and others from their back catalogue.

“Boom! I know that Nihility has a special place for many fans and musicians following Decapitated for the last 20 years – for me as well,” said guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka.

“That’s why we decided to celebrate this album and perform the whole thing live in concert for the first time. Join us in spheres of madness!”

Click here for tickets.

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