Preview: Ugly Kid Joe

Ugly Kid Joe
Ugly Kid Joe

by Adam Aiken

Garage rockers Ugly Kid Joe will be in Norfolk next week when their European tour rolls into Norwich.

Best known for their hits Everything About You and a cover of Cat’s In The Cradle, they’ll be at Epic Studios on Tuesday, May 31.

Back in the early-1990s, their As Ugly As They Wanna Be release was the highest-selling debut EP ever.

The Californians followed it up with their America’s Least Wanted album, which was another commercial success.

Ugly Kid Joe quickly made a name for themselves as they defied attempts to be pigeon-holed, with their music bridging the divides between hard rock, thrash, funk and rap.

They called it a day in 1997 but the band – including frontman Whitfield Crane and fellow ever-present member Klaus Eichstadt on guitar – got back together in 2010, since when they have released their fourth album, Uglier Than They Used Ta Be.

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